Monthly Community Meeting for Queers and Allies

Freedom of speech, privacy across online discourses, support groups and anonymity etcetera remain as vital concerns for LGBTIQ people in cyberspace considering the vast digital footprints each netizen leaves. While online violence against queer people, in India, have been recorded via various studies conducted by feminist collectives like Point of View various untold experiences pertaining to digital threat and harassment hold relevance for expanding advocacy efforts of LGBTIQ support collectives. As our daily lives, in the cyberspace get adhered to algorithmic patterns set by social media like never before, Queerala calls for its Monthly Meeting for Queers and Allies to discuss risks involved around surveillance and freedom of expression. The gathering scheduled to be on 19th Jan 2019 shall address the following concerns;

  1. Lack of dating opportunities for female born queer persons
  2. Ethical practises of online support groups in terms of anonymity and privacy.
  3. Access to support groups and identity proofs
  4. Accidental Exposure and attacks on closed groups
  5. Censorships by Social Media platforms.
  6. Expression of Desire and  misuse of Dating apps etc

We wholeheartedly welcome LGBTIQ persons and allies to be part of the meeting and share experiences pertaining to the topics of discussion. We foresee a fruitful discussion on digital safety and come up with a document based on the observations from the meeting.


Team Queerala

Venue: Rainbow Nest, Cochin

Date and Time: 19 Jan 2019, 10am-4pm

Contact : 8075645060

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Issuing Gender Identity Certificate for Transgender People

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Queerala Diversity Scholarship 2018


Queerala, an organisation for Malayali LGBTIQ community, invites applications for its second annual ‘Diversity Scholarship’.

The scholarship aims to recognise self-motivated students who belong to the LGBTIQ+ community.

One student will be shortlisted from the applicants, based on an online assessment of the applicants’ profile followed by a telephonic conversation. Assessment of applicants’ profile will be focused on the applicants’ interest to contribute towards the queer movement in their capacity.

The scholarship will be awarded on 14 July, during the inaugural function of Homomorphism-II, an art exhibition on same-sex intimacy organised by team Queerala, in Cochin. We strongly encourage queer students to apply for the scholarship as we believe that students who belong to LGBTIQA+ community needs encouragement and support to be themselves and deserve a campus life without stigma and discrimination.

Applicant must be enrolled in a UGC recognised college/university for any graduate/ post-graduate degree/research programme. Students who have finished graduation/post graduation and are awaiting admissions for higher studies, also, may apply.
Applicant must be an LGBTIQ+ individual and preferably open.
Preference will be given to Malayali born applicants.

Click here to apply for the scholarship: Queerala Diversity Scholarship 2018 Online Application Form

Scholarship Amount: Rs 7000/-
Last Date to Apply: 30 June 2018