Q-loid Documentary and Short Film Festival

Queer Documentary and Short Film Festival, Cochin July 2019

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For the past few years, an increasing number of visual media artists and filmmakers are exploring many ways in which LGBTIQ+ persons negotiate and resist patriarchy and heteronormativity in India through their craft. At the same time, although limited, queer people have also started making films about their lives like never before and realisation of such strenuous efforts inspire us to organise ‘Q-loid, a one day Queer Short Film and Documentary Festival’. The queer film festival intends to rethink modes of visual portrayals of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression.  

The first edition of this film festival, scheduled for 13 July 2019, organised by Queerala in association with WCC (Women in Cinema Collective) and Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) with Kerala Museum as the venue partner.  This curated festival comprises documentaries produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust (PSBT) and a few other films selected by the board members of Queerala and the working team of WCC. Apart from the film screenings, there will be Meet The Directors session and a panel discussion titled ‘Redefining Masculinities- the myth of Malayali heteronormative machismo’.

We invite all our friends, movie enthusiasts, media persons, students, queer allies and LGBTIQ community persons for the one day event.