Queer-friendly Medical and Mental Health Professionals

  1. Dr. C. J. John, Sr. Consultant PsychiatristMedical Trust Hospital, Ernakulam 9847472197 (Enquiries (0484) 2358001, Appointment- (0484) 2842200.
  2. Dr Suja P Sukumar, Sr. Specialist Endocrinology- Renai Medicity, Ernakulam (9847339394) (Link)
  3. Dr. Shahul Ameen, PsychiatristSt Thomas Hospital, Chethipuzha, Kottayam: (M) 9961893693 (Link)
  4. Dr. Varghese Punnoose, Dept of Psychiatry, Govt. Medical College- Aleppey, (M) 9447085734. (Link)
  5. Dr. Praveen Arathil, Amrita Hospital, Ernakulam (Link)
  6. Dr. Aswin Krishnan Ajit– Consultant Psychiatrist, Renai Medicity, Ernakulam (9847339394) (Link)

Indian Psychiatric Society’s Position Statement against Conversion Therapy
Position Statement of Indian Psychiatric Society (Kerala) on Conversion Therapy