Quest 2016


Quest 2016, a two-day National Seminar on Queer Discourses and Social Dialogues, was held at Centre for Development Studies (CDS), Thiruvananthapuram on 2016 December 16 – 17.

Quest 2016 aimd to bring together and examine the least represented facets of queer lives. The strategies adopted by various queer support groups, challenges involved in policy design and implementation impacting gender identity and sexual orientation at workplaces, the best practices followed by organizations, media and self-representations of queer identities and lives, the queer diaspora and subalterns, the history of  the queer movement, the social exclusion faced by  LGBTIQ people and related  mental health challenges etc. are among the least documented socio-cultural issues in Kerala.

quest full logoEncouraging a better understanding of the same, Quest examined current happenings and the hopeful future of queer people, especially of Malayali origin, at the local, national and global scales. This search, spurred by the recent surging positive perceptions regarding the queer folk in Kerala, was seen alongside the continuing socio-legal-subaltern status of sexual minorities. This academic mission was jointly organized by Association of Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR) and Queerala in association with Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum.