About Us


Queerala, a registered community based organization for Malayali LGBTIQ people, has been focusing on various awareness programs on queer topics besides providing support to young queer persons from Kerala and forming network of allies across various cross-sections of the society. A few successful projects by Queerala includes Wiki Loves Pride, Free Hugs, Peer Counselling Workshop and Homomorphism  and a bunch of paper publications on various queer themes. (http://queerala.org/)

Association for Cultural and Scientific Research (ACSR)

ACSR is a nonprofit academic organization, to promote cultural, scientific and educational exchanges among the academic fraternity. It grants opportunities for cross-border collaboration via conferences and seminars . It also intends to strengthen educational, cultural, and professional institutions (schools, Colleges, libraries, research institutes and ministries of education) in countries through resource & information sharing. (http://acsrinternational.com/)

Co-Organizer: Dr J. Devika, Faculty, CDS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Devika)

Center for Development Studies (CDS), Triavandrum

CDS is a premier social science research institution, which has established a tradition of interdisciplinary research on development problems in India and considered to be one of the foremost development economics research centers in the country (http://www.cds.edu/)

Contact Persons

  • Jijo Kuriakose (Founder Member, Queerala): 09745186466
  • Rajashree Raju (Fellow at Ashoka University): 08089011223
  • Lison Varghese (Administrator, ACSR): 09947116804

Official Email: questkerala2016@gmail.com