40 seconds of action

Monthly Community Meeting on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Peer Counseling.

Dear All,

October 10th is observed as World Mental Health Day. In a society where queer individuals are marginalized on multiple levels, they are at high risk of experiencing mental health issues. Adding to this, the lack of understanding and open conversations about the importance of ‘Mental Wellness’ in our society leads to individuals suffering silently from serious issues often leading to self-harming and even suicides.

 In fact, the focus of 2019 World Mental Health Day is Suicide Prevention

As per WHO sources, suicide affects people of all age groups across all countries. We have also observed that the stigma and intolerance towards people with diverse Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are major contributing factors towards suicide among adolescent and young persons in our society. 

Therefore, as a queer support group who believe in the power of peer counselling, at this gathering, we intend to initiate difficult conversations around mental health issues and concerns of LGBTIQA+ in Kerala. We will also think of ways to address this with peer counselling, its ethics and best practices. We invite LGBTIQA+ persons and our allies for the gathering on 12 October 2019 and understand ‘40 seconds of action’, the theme of this year’s Mental Health Day. Let’s unite in our efforts to improve the mental health of LGBTIQA+ community persons.

Venue details shall be shared with those persons who confirm their participation.


Team Queerala