Be You!- A Gathering on Coming-Out Concerns and Acceptance from Families

Queerala has been receiving numerous enquiries from LGBTIQ persons facing problems associated with opening up to families and the count of such queries have risen post the 377 verdict!

In this context, we feel that it is important to connect queer persons, who can share their coming out experiences with young LGBTIQ people are going through emotional trauma of being closeted and facing various forms of personal disturbances and phobia from their kith and kin. We call for a gathering for Queers and Allies, where we shall primarily discuss the necessity of peer support for self-acceptance, dealing with emotional conflict from families and share some reference materials, in Malayalam, on seeking parental support.

We would also look into responses from community persons on the recent state level interventions and review the lesbian themed Bollywood film ‘Ek Ladki to Dhekha To Aisa Laga’. Attendees of the gathering shall be updated on the recent happenings with focus on Inclusion across workplaces and state mechanisms.

We invite LGBTIQ persons and allies to attend the meeting on 24 March, 10am-1pm at Rainbow Nest, Qochi

Contact: 8075645060