Benchmark Report on Best Practices on Diversity and Inclusion in India- 2018

Benchmark Report on Best Practices on Diversity and Inclusion(D & I) in India- 2018, by Community Business and DIAN India

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) has been evolving as a business concept in India. Many businesses now recognise the critical link between diverse and inclusive workplaces and increased business performance. Legislation too is driving a change in business practice – whether it be the requirement to have at least one woman on every corporate board, an internal complaints committee to deal with matters relating to sexual harassment or a published disability policy. D&I may have become a firmly established business imperative, but how do companies track and measure progress? What does best practice look like? And how do companies map out the way forward? These are some of the questions that were being posed by the practitioners of our leading diversity and inclusion network in India, DIAN India – and that this 2018 D&I in India Best Practice Benchmark seeks to answer.

Regarding the benefits offered to LGBTIQ employees across various corporates, as per the benchmark report, 41% of companies currently offer specific benefits/support to their LGBT+ employees. A further 24% say they are evaluating how they can do so. Of those companies that do, the most common benefits and/or support include: confidential counselling and support on LGBT+ related issues (e.g. for those going through transition, considering surgery, etc) (71%), medical/ health insurance for same-sex partners (64%) and gender-neutral workplace facilities (64%). A minority of companies offer relocation assistance and support (43%) or a reverse mentoring programme targeted at LGBT+ employees (36%).