Choqath, an invitation!

In Urdu, ‘Choqath’ means door frame. A door is an invitation, first and foremost.
Nonetheless, doors are also shut, blinds and curtains drawn upon, souvenirs hung over,
blessings and prayers to ward off evil eye, and most significantly, they are guarded.

We frame our doors – our opportunities – based on many influences and circumstances.
And, people, of course. We open them up to friends and strangers.
We see them as the first step to a home and the last refuge of the solitary.
Doors of our minds may vary according to time and culture.
Our bodies are like doors, allowing some, denying others.
Just like how our bodies are fluid and flexible, so are our thoughts,
So are our beliefs and fears, so are our advantages and handicaps.

Join us for a reading of poetry on Body, genders and sexualities,
at 3pm, on 24 June 2017, at Ledhi Art Cafe, South Janatha Road, Palarivattom.

Let’s open up discussions to initiate and change perspectives.

Team Queerala