Govind and Adrian
Govind and Adrian (2)
Govind and Adrian (3)
Govind and Adrian (4)
Govind and Adrian (5)
Govind and Adrian (6)
Govind and Adrian (7)

Govind weds Adrian in Australia.

Adrian and Govind met, in Melbourne, one cold winter day , where from their love blossomed to the most beautiful friendship they ever had experienced. They did care each other and had shared deep love. After six years of being together, they decided to get married. Govind, a typical Malayali, bharatanatyam-dancer boy with Adrian, an Australian Catholic boy. Love really knows no boundaries. Tears of joy were shed by all their loving friends and family as the boys exchanged rings, took their parents blessings, read their vows to one another, tied thali for each other, and walked 7 steps around the sacred fire. Their sisters tied the second knot of the thali as per the tradition. As they took their steps around the fire, the heavens opened up and showered them with little droplets of rain. Love is for all. And so is marriage.”

‘Marriage is truly salient, at least for those who believe in the social construct and who want to build family. Gay marriages are hence pivotal too, and can inspire a whole generation to struggle exist , for acceptance and fight for human rights ‘

Govind, a Keralite guy, who dwells in Auz and who recently did wed his partner Adrian, not only stand ahead for the intrepid deed but also the willingness to share the Joy of with the world!

WE love you Govind and Adrian darlings. Live long!