‘Homomorphism II, an exhibit on Same-Sex intimacy’ 14-21 July 2018

‘Homomorphism II, an exhibit on Same-Sex intimacy’
14-21 July 2018
Kerala History Museum, Edappally, Cochin

In continuum of the art project Homomorphism, occurred in Dec2015, a team of seven artists are aggregating their notions on being gay, love and desires; towards Homomorphism II. Inspired from the innate synchronism of self-acceptance and self-representation, Homomorphism II is an art pursuit to mark the invisible impressions of same-sex intimacy.

The queer community in Kerala, which stays mostly invisible under the blanket of social norms on sexuality, seeks cultural projection to overcome the brackets of being mystery beings. The seven artists from diverse geographical and linguistic backgrounds are joining hands to realise the art project on same-sex intimacy, in collaboration with Kerala History Museum. While an artist tries to tint emotions associated with same-sex desires, another explores female-homosexual love, whereas another one explores how male-physique can be fascinating for the spectators, and so on. The artists’ team from Queerala wishfully places subliminal notions of their disadvantaged social position, at times of IPC Sec 377 and surveillance, by delivering mod elements of Queer subculture. Homomorphism II shall also render outlines of solitude, single-hood, nostalgia and desires converged upon same-sex love.

This exhibition attempts to compose a new language, in the art arena, to confront homophobic impulses in Kerala and present certain unrevealed gestures of homosexual orientation.

Homomorphism II foresees to compose novel metonymies of liberation by deploying art as a tool of resistance and advocate inclusive art spaces. We invite all for the Art Exhibition and the inauguration on 14th July.

Participating Artists
Pragya P, Aishwaryan K, Arvin O, Santanu D, Sandeep T K, Mahesh M and Jijo Q.

Program Co-ordinated by
Team Queerala