Monthly Community Meeting, 10 Aug 2019

Hello dear friends,

Team Queerala invites you for Queerala’s Monthly Community Meeting (MCM) on Saturday, 10 Aug 2019. The topic for this MCM will be ‘Well-being of LGBTIQA+ Persons’, with focus on Minority Stress and coping mechanisms. Although stress is a part of everyone’s daily lives today, those in the LGBTIQA+ community faces special challenges relating to mental health and owing to social stigma. Issues like depression, anxiety, migration, substance abuse as a coping mechanism, etc. can all be consequences of minority stress. Whether closeted or out, we face issues ranging from physical violence to daily micro-aggressions that impact our mental health adversely.

In this session we shall ponder on the following topics

  • Is stress good or bad?
  • What do we do when we are stressed? What are we feeling and thinking when stressed?
  • How are we coping with mental health challenges?
  • How do we keep our community spaces healthy?
  • Updates from the Indian queer movement – Transgender Persons (Protection of rights) Bill 2019 – Interventions on Inclusive healthcare, law and educational systems.
  • Updates from Project Vistara by SAATHII, of which Queerala is part of and sharing experiences by LGBTIQ champions who attended the training program by SAATHII, in Chennai recently.

We would have Sonal Giani (Diversity Trainer, Film Maker and LGBTIQ Activist) as our guest, for the day, who will speak about her experiences as part of the queer movement.

Date: 10 August 2019, Time: 10am-3pm

Venue: Rainbow Nest, Qochi

Contact: 8075645060

Those who wish to attend the meeting Kindly confirm your attendance by calling us or emailing at The venue location shall be shared with those who confirm their attendance.

Thanks and regards

Team Queerala