Gender-Neutral Prefix “Mx.” is now official!

‘Mx’, Quite a welcoming adnoun to the English vocabulary.

Its appreciable when such new addendum gets included via linguistics and get popularity if used by mainstream media, as the surging quintessence to have proper words to represent people who don’t follow gender binary and hetero-normative sexuality, say for instance, in Malayalam we have Sree as a common adjective than Sreeman(Mr) and Sreemathi(Ms).

The topic of gender binary needs supplementary discourses, specifically when cases like the much ambiguous note of including gender recognizing column, in applications or where ever mandatory. Unlike the option less columns, in above said scenarios, like Name, Age etc:, when it comes to Gender, majority of lists have only Male and Female columns either to tick one of them or mark one than having an empty column where people can write gender identities of their own, be it Male, Female, Cisgender or Transgender. As media celebrates the court’ ruling ordering state govt: to recognize the transgenders as third gender, they almost miss to mention the existence of female to male transgenders nor academic consultation do happen to bring forward the invisible female to male trans folks.

This major leap by Oxford dictionary, hence, is a substantial breakthrough as far as the area of enquiry New World-New Words as taken into consideration.

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